Pattaya 1 Day: Pick up and Drop off from Laem Chabang Port

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Pattaya 1 Day: Pick up and Drop off from Laem Chabang Port

Tour Type : Private Tour
From City : Laem Chabang Port
Destination : Pattaya
Duration : 10 Hours
Operation : Daily

Pattaya is the top destination in Thailand. The city is not far from Bangkok and there are a lot of activities to do such as beach, shopping, shows, nature and tourist attractions. Pattaya is about 20 km. or about 30 minutes drive from Laem Chabang port which nearer than going to Bangkok. This is the best way to spend a day trip in Thailand. The service will be start from Laem Chabang port. The driver will meet you at the cruise terminal and take you to Pattaya. You can visit any places as you want within a day and then return to the cruise.

Service Rate

TypePersonPrice per car (Baht)
Private2-9 persons6,500

+ 10 hours private air-conditioned car rental with driver
+ Pick up and drop off from Laem Chabang Port
+ Gasoline
+ Tollway
+ Port fee

+ Entrance fee
+ English speaking tour guide
+ Meal
+ Gratuities
+ Over time charge (200 THB/hour) pay by cash to the driver

+ Any rejection of tour program is non-refundable
+ Deviations of the tours program or time given in the program may sometimes necessary, depending on traffic condition and any uncontrollable circumstances.


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