Bangkok Dinner Cruise over the Chao Phraya River

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Bangkok Dinner Cruise over the Chao Phraya River

If you are looking for a dinner buffet and sightseeing of the iconic landmarks along the main river of Thailand, Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise is the activity you should put on your bucket list. 
There are several cruises to choose from, depending on various factors that each cruise offers you differently. 
Today, we will provide you with essential information about the Bangkok dinner cruise and what to expect on each kind of cruise.  

The Bangkok dinner cruises can be separated into three categories. 
Buffet Dinner Cruise 

It operates on a large vessel, serving 200-300 guests with an unlimited Thai, International, and seafood buffet. 
Apart from the dining experience, guests can enjoy a live music band, Thai classical performance, and dance party with fun music while cruising along the Chao Phraya River. Also, traveling on a birthday month can get a free small birthday cake as well. 
The price for a 2 hours buffet cruise starts from 700 Baht per person for weekday cruising. However, the price will be higher if used on Friday-Sunday and special events like Valentine's day and New Year's Eve Countdown. 
There are many Chao Phraya River buffet cruises in Bangkok that are very similar in services, travel on the same route, and depart from ICONSIAM or Asiatique the Riverfront. They can be categorized by their design into two types. 

Three decks cruise 

3rd floor is an open rooftop zone, 2nd floor is an air-conditioned room and an open-air front deck, 1st floor is an air-conditioned room only. 

1) Alangka Cruise
Cruising daily 

2) Royal Princess Cruise
Cruising daily 

3) Viva Alangka Cruise
Cruising daily 

4) White Orchid Cruise 
Cruising daily except Wednesday 

Two decks cruise 
2nd floor is a roofed open-air zone and open front deck, 1st floor is an air-conditioned room. 

1) Meridian Cruise 
Cruising daily 

2) Chao Phraya Princess Cruise
Cruising daily

3) Smile Riverside Cruise
Cruising daily 

4) Chaophraya Cruise
Cruising on Thursday-Sunday 

Also, some buffet cruises that are worth mentioning but should be separated from the list above due to their higher standard services. 

Wonderful Pearl Cruise – The largest luxury buffet cruise with 5 star-hotel grade service features with onboard escalators and a fountain on the rooftop. The cruise is operated daily from River City Bangkok. 

Horizon Cruise – A luxury premium buffet cruise by Shangri-La hotel Bangkok. The cruise is temporarily closed.  
For more details and promotions of buffet cruises, please visit the full article on the Top Chao Phraya River Dinner Cruises in Bangkok 2022 
Moreover, there is an option for those who are looking for a budget dinner cruise which is a sunset cruise. It’s nearly the same experience but at a cheaper price and cruising only on the weekend at sunset time.

Read the full article on the Chao Phraya Sunset Dinner Cruise 

Luxury Dinner Cruise 

It’s the best selection for guests who looking for a real taste of Thai culture through a course of premium fine dining Thai cuisine. These luxury cruises usually use a smaller size boat and are operated by luxury brand-named hotels or well-known restaurants, to guarantee the best quality service from professional chefs and crew members. 
The cruising experience will be in a formal peaceful manner. No party music like in a buffet cruise. 
The price for a fine dining cruise is available on a joint basis, starting from 2,000 Baht per person for a set of Thai dinner courses. 

Saffron Cruise – The largest fine dining river cruise in Bangkok with a rooftop bar on the upper deck. Enjoy courses of Thai cuisine by chefs from “Banyan Tree” Hotel Bangkok. The cruise is available every Friday-Saturday from ICONSIAM. 

Manohra Cruise – The classic wooden rice barge was transformed into a 5-stars restaurant. The Manohra cruise is providing joint dinner every Saturday with four courses of delightful Thai set menu. 

Baan Khanitha Cruise – The luxury dinner cruise by “Baan Khanitha”, one of the best well-known authentic Thai restaurants. The cruise is providing a premium Thai set menu from professional chefs. The cruise is temporarily closed. 

Private Dinner Cruise 

The private charter cruise provides the most luxurious river cruising experience in Bangkok. It’s the best choice for those who are looking for a private party or special event. There are various boat designs and services that make a difference between each cruise. The experience onboard is customizable as the host can set up an activity to their demand like a decoration or hiring a favorite music band. 

Patravadi (Supatra Boat) - A private open-air dinner cruise serving a special set menu by “Savoey” Thai restaurant. The charter rate is starting from 14,999 Baht for 10 persons with an additional charge for an extra person. The cruise can serve up to 40 guests 

Pruek Cruise - A 3 decks private boat, serving course of Thai and Western set menu by Michelin star chefs. The charter rate is starting from 69,000 Baht for 10 guests with an additional charge for an extra person. The cruise can serve up to 35 guests. 

Sabai Cruise - Private dinner buffet cruise with various options for more flexibility on each private event, from a birthday party to corporate meeting to wedding party. The charter rate is starting from 24,000 Baht for 15 guests with an additional charge for an extra person. Maximum capacity is 40 guests. 

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