Khao Kho and Phu Tub Berk (4 days 3 nights)


Khao Kho and Phu Tub Berk (4 days 3 nights)

The private tour program is purposely designed for young adults and family who are nature lovers to explore nature, catching the sunrise and sunset in a sea of clouds (sea mist) at Khao Kho and Phu Tub Berk. We will bring you to various attractions to get beautiful view of nature and get a sea of clouds viewed from above the mountain. It takes about 6 hours driving from Bangkok to Khao Kho therefore we also design to visit some attractions on the way to make the long-distance trip easier and more enjoyable. On the way, you can visit Lopburi where it is famous for monkeys residing at Lopburi town and a ruined temple. Then you spend couple nights at Khao Kor district, about 30 km. from Phu Tub Berk. On the way back, you may choose to stay one day longer in Khao Kho to explore the national park, or you may stop over for one night at Khao Yai for relaxing in town before departing to Bangkok or Bangkok airport.


Day 1 - Bangkok - Lopburi - Khao Kho

8:00 AM: Pick up from a hotel in Bangkok and depart for Phetchabun province, about 400 km. north of Bangkok. En route, we can visit Lopburi where you can enjoy taking picture of monkeys residing at a ruined temple, called Phra Prang Sam Yod. Please also note the visit of ruined temple can be replaced by a visit of sunflower field in Saraburi from December to Janurary because it is the sunflower blooming season.
Lunch: Lunch at Thai local restaurant
14.00 PM: Continue to Khao Kho - Phu Tub Berk in Phetchabun.
17.00 PM: Catching the sunset in a sea of clouds viewed from above mountain viewpoint.
18.00 PM: Dinner at Thai local restaurant
19.00 PM: Check in at the hotel

Day 2 - Phu Tub Berk - Khao Kho

5.00 AM: Depart for hunting the beauty of a sea of cloud at a view point in Phu Tub Berk area. We need to drive up to the hill with curve and narrow road. Definitely, our driver will carefully drive and take you up to the hill, about 1,790 meters above from the sea level.
6.00 AM: Enjoy the sunrise in a sea of clouds at Phu Tub Berk. Normally you can catch a sea of clouds (sea mist) with green shading of huge cabbage farms in the early morning however it depends on the weather that is not controllable. The cabbage season is from June to November however you can see the cabbage farm all year round. From November to March, local hill tribe people converts their farms to grow strawberries. Therefore, you can enjoy picking strawberries from December to March. You may also have some coffee at local coffee shops that operated by local hill tribe. Enjoy shopping local fresh fruits, vegetables and local souvenirs.
9.30 AM: An hour from Phu Tub Berk, visit a famous temple in Khao Kho called "Wat Pha Sorn Kaew". The Buddhist temple is situated on the mountain and there is a giant buddha statue with a height of 45 meters as a landmark of Khao Kor and Phu Tub Berk. We suggest that you shall take off your shoes and please dress appropriately, no shorts or mini skirt while visiting a Buddhist temple in Thailand.
10.00 AM: Visit a modern cafe, called Pino Late. You can enjoy a view of mountainous range and the giant Buddha while having coffee and or dessert. The Pino Late coffee serves hot and cold drink with cakes. If you are hungry, sausage, spaghetti and fried chicken are available too.
11.30 AM: Visit an organic farm called B.N. Farm where you can see the orchards, and flower fields. Most of the local agricultural products are avocado, broccoli, iceberg lettuce, Lychee and strawberry. During December - March you can see the blooming flower field. There are many species of flower such as Bird of Paradise, torch ginger, cosmos and Heliconia.
Lunch at Thai local restaurant.
14.30 PM: Visit Khaokho wind farm. There are 24 giant turbines (updated on 22 Feb 2018) to produce wind power, where you can take a shuttle bus to visit the Khao Kho Wind Farm (shuttle bus THB80/person is not included). Furthermore, you can bring back your childhood to enjoy an exciting activity by playing a wooden Ferris wheel or play a giant swing at strawberry farm.
Return to hotel, or you may visit other attractions as you wish in the area.
17.30 PM: Enjoy dinner while catching the sunset in a sea of clouds at a local restaurant.
19.30 PM: Back to the hotel

Day 3 - Khao kho National Park, waterfalls in Phetchabun: Your own choice to stay overnight at Khao Kho or Khaoyai

5.30 AM: In case you still would like to hunt for the sunrise in a sea of clouds, our driver can take you to another view point in Khao Kho area.
7.30 AM: Back to the hotel for breakfast and take a shower.
10.30 AM: Visit waterfalls in Khao Kho, Phetchabun.
Lunch: Lunch at a local Thai restaurant
13.00 PM: In case you decide to stay overnight in Khao Yai, you shall depart for Pak Chong, Khaoyai, 4 hours for driving from Phetchabun.
In case you decide to stay overnight in Khao Kho, we can take you to Khao Kho National Park.
17.00 PM: Check in at the hotel
Dinner at Thai local restaurant.
19.00 PM: Back to the hotel

Day 4 - Khaoyai - Bangkok

AM: Breakfast at hotel
Free and easy in Khaoyai, you can visit the place that you want in Khaoyai. Our driver will be at disposal until departure time.
13.00 PM: Depart for Bangkok and drop you off at the hotel/airport in Bangkok.



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